undead serpentfolk wizard


As Saventh-Yhi collapsed, a desperate group of undead serpentfolk hiding in Ilmurea, led by a necromancer named Sozothala, made an attempt to strike against the city’s leaders. Their plans collapsed in the face of Saventh-Yhi’s self-destruction and Earthfall itself, and Sozothala decided to hole up in the small dungeon complex that contained the portal to Ilmurea to wait out the apocalypse. That wait ended up lasting for thousands of years, and Sozothala essentially went into a sort of hibernation not long after the disaster.

When Juliver burst into the complex and destroyed the portal, Sozothala roused from his undead torpor. He attacked the half-elf, who fled the monster and managed to make her way out of the dungeon complex only to finally succumb to a feeblemind spell cast by Sozothala. With her intellect reduced to that of a frightened animal, she stumbled toward the waters of the Lake Hirilaka and, while Sozothala marvelled at the changes to Saventh-Yhi, she managed to escape.

After awakening and emerging from his long stay in one of the Vaults of Madness between Saventh-Yhi and Ilmurea, the undead serpentfolk necromancer Sozothala is eager to relocate to a new lair. He’s rather pleased by what appears to be a long-abandoned and ruined Saventh-Yhi, and is eager to begin building an army of undead minions so that he can dominate the immediate area before looking toward seizing control of the whole city of his ancient enemies.

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